NMVTIS, or the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, is a national database of vehicle title information from participating state motor vehicle titling agencies. It helps states to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles by requiring them to check the NMVTIS database before issuing a new title for any used vehicle. The system also provides data to law enforcement agencies to help them combat auto theft and other forms of fraud.

Additionally, it assists state and federal governments in collecting and auditing certain motor vehicle fees, such as those related to emissions testing. NMVTIS is a centralized system that serves a variety of stakeholders, including state motor vehicle administrators, insurance companies, salvage yards, junk yards, automotive recyclers, lienholders and financial institutions.

Benefits of NMVTIS

NMVTIS is a valuable tool for consumers and businesses alike. NMVTIS provides a secure, centralized database of all motor vehicle titles in the United States. This information can be used to detect fraud and theft, help consumers make informed decisions when buying or selling vehicles, and provide law enforcement with quick access to accurate vehicle history information. Some of the benefits that NMVTIS provides include:
  • providing an online system for submitting and updating title information
  • helping to reduce title fraud by verifying vehicle titles and histories
  • providing easily accessible vehicle history reports on a wide range of makes and models
  • allowing for more efficient title transfers
  • promoting consumer protection by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to vehicles’ titles
  • and ensuring that only legitimate buyers are able to purchase vehicles.

What information is available from NMVTIS?

It offers a wide range of information, including theft records, odometer readings, title branding, and accident history. NMVTIS also allows for the tracking of vehicles’ titles and lienholders across multiple states. The data provided through NMVTIS helps consumers make informed decisions when purchasing used vehicles and assists state motor vehicle titling agencies in protecting consumers from fraud.

The data is collected from state motor vehicle titling agencies, insurance companies, auto recyclers, salvage yards, junk yards, and other related businesses. This comprehensive database is essential to safeguard citizens from unsafe vehicles on the road.

How do I access vehicle data from NMVTIS?

Accessing vehicle data from NMVTIS is quick and easy. First, you’ll need to register for an account with the NMVTIS provider of your choice. Once registered, you will have access to a variety of information about the vehicles in their database. If you are looking for specific data points such as odometer readings or vehicle history, you can use their search tools to find the information you need quickly and easily.

In addition, many NMVTIS providers offer additional services such as VIN decoding, title tracking, and more. With these services, it is possible to get a comprehensive look at any given vehicle’s history.

Is there a fee for accessing vehicle data from NMVTIS?

Accessing vehicle data from NMVTIS is a great way to get important information about a vehicle’s history. However, there is typically a fee associated with accessing this data. The exact fees vary depending on who you are requesting data from and what type of data you are looking for.

Generally speaking, fees range from $2-$5 per record. Additionally, if you need to access multiple records, there may be a discounted rate available. It is important to research the specific fees associated with your request prior to making any purchases as these fees can add up quickly if not monitored carefully.