Edmunds is a company that provides a range of services to consumers and the automotive industry, primarily focused on the research and purchase of new and used vehicles. The company’s headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California, with a satellite office situated in Detroit, Michigan. In 2021, CarMax purchased the complete enterprise for $404 million after making a reduced ownership investment.

Edmunds provides car buyers with a wealth of information about vehicles through their website, including detailed model reviews, pricing information, and inventory listings of both new and used cars from certified dealerships. Its car-buying service offers consumers quotes from multiple dealerships on a specific make and model and helps them with the buying process. Edmunds also provides information on car maintenance, car financing, car insurance, car warranty, and a wide range of tools like car comparison, car trade-in, and car history reports.

Additionally, Edmunds provides industry insights and market analysis for automotive companies. The California-based company also offers a suite of software and data solutions for dealerships, manufacturers, and financial institutions.