NADA is an acronym for the National Automobile Dealers Association, a major trade association in the United States. It was founded in 1917 and serves as the unified voice of franchised new-car and -truck dealerships across the country. NADA’s mission is to represent, serve and protect franchised new-car and -truck dealerships. As such, NADA provides public policy advocacy, research, education, industry relations, conferences, and conventions, as well as a host of products and services that support dealer operations. The organization works to ensure that every dealership has access to a fair marketplace so they can sell safe vehicles at competitive prices while providing superior customer service.

NADA offers its members a wide range of services including business analysis tools, consulting services, training programs, and publications on topics such as compliance with federal regulations governing the sale of new motor vehicles; finance and insurance; legal issues; marketing; sales management; technology solutions; dealer operations strategies; automobile retailing trends; economic forecasting; environmental initiatives; health care reform implementation guidance and more. In addition to these resources.

NADA also provides technical assistance from experts in areas such as automotive repair legislation, environmental compliance and product safety standards.

Finally, NADA also advocates for its members in Washington D.C., providing legislative updates on key issues affecting dealerships throughout the country.