NADA and JD Power

NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association):

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is a trade association that represents the interests of automobile dealerships in the United States. Founded in 1917, NADA’s primary focus is on advocating for the automotive retail industry and providing support and resources to its members, who are automobile dealers. NADA aims to promote a healthy and competitive automotive market while fostering the success of its dealer members.

NADA offers a range of services, including education and training programs, industry research and data analysis, legal and regulatory guidance, and networking opportunities. The association plays a crucial role in addressing issues affecting dealerships and the automotive industry as a whole, such as legislative and regulatory matters, economic trends, and consumer relations.

J.D. Power:

J.D. Power is a global consumer insights and market research company known for its customer satisfaction surveys and studies across various industries, including automotive, telecommunications, financial services, and more. Founded by J.D. “Dave” Power III in 1968, the company’s goal is to provide unbiased and objective assessments of consumer experiences and perceptions.

In the automotive sector, J.D. Power conducts a wide range of studies that evaluate vehicle quality, customer satisfaction, and other aspects of the automotive ownership experience. These studies include the Initial Quality Study (IQS), Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout (APEAL) Study, and more. The company’s findings and awards are highly regarded by consumers and the automotive industry alike, as they offer valuable insights into how various vehicle brands and models perform from a customer’s perspective.

Both NADA and J.D. Power play significant roles in the automotive industry, with NADA representing dealerships’ interests and providing support to dealers, and J.D. Power offering valuable consumer insights and research that help both consumers and businesses make informed decisions in the automotive market.